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Beach camping provides the ideal blend of sun, sea, and salty air – plus easy access for camper vehicles – which makes it an excellent RV vacation choice, especially with children!

Having said that, beach camping presents its own set of challenges; here are a few suggestions to make sure that your RV trip to the beach goes as smoothly as possible.

Book Your Site Early

Start RV beach camping off right by booking your campsite. Whether it be at an established campground with parking pads for RVs or boondocking on the sand, look for sites on Campendium and iOverlander that clearly identify themselves as RV-friendly.

And of course, Cedar Island Ranch is the perfect RV beach getaway!

Keep an eye out for how high and low tides will impact the beaches where you will be camping, particularly those known for flooding. A cooler with a locking lid would also come in handy for protecting snacks and drinks from wildlife.

Prepare Your RV for Sand and Water

The wind is an important consideration when RV camping on the beach. A sudden gust can easily lift an extended awning off of its base and send it tumbling into the waves if left unsecured; to prevent this from happening, be sure to secure everything down with beach umbrella anchors.

Staying sand-free inside your RV should also be a top priority. Be sure to pack separate bath and beach towels, hang them up outside to dry, and make it a rule that shoes never enter the vehicle – consider providing guests with access to a tub of water outside where they can rinse their feet before entering.

Bring Plenty of Sun Protection

RV beach camping is a fantastic way to experience coastal landscapes without paying premium real estate prices. Camping along a coastline allows you to engage with all senses – from the fragrant smell of sea air and soothing sound of crashing waves.

Bring beach essentials such as sunscreen, bathing suits and comfortable chairs when RV camping at the beach. But it may also be worthwhile bringing along lightweight long-sleeved shirts, wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses as an additional sun protection measure.

Make sure to pack enough water with you so you remain hydrated at the beach.

Pack the Right Beach Clothing

An ocean vacation offers the chance to discover all that the sea, sun and sand have to offer with family and friends. Essential items such as cooler and sunscreen should always be packed; while sunglasses may help shield from harsh rays.

If you plan on spending a lot of time at the beach, bring an extra set of clothing so that everyone can change after swimming or surf-surfing. Pack a clothesline so wet swimsuits and towels can dry outside rather than staying inside your RV.

Plan a Beach-Friendly Menu

At many beach locations there are food stands selling snacks, lunches, and beverages containing high levels of sugar, calories and fat – these options should be supplemented with healthy options as much as possible. Or avoided altogether!

Instead, consider bringing along travel-friendly snacks and meals. Trail mix, baby carrots, pre-sliced apples, and a meat and cheese tray to graze on during the day. Then easy, grill-ready meals as the sun begins to go down after a full beach day.

Pack Beach Equipment and Games

Beach balls, inflatable tubes, sand castle making kits, and a portable volleyball set are all beach favorites.

Bring along a collapsible wagon to transport all your gear – chairs, blankets, cooler – from your campsite to the beach in one easy trip. Doing this will save both time and energy as well as reduce frustration of having to carry everything back and forth again and again!

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