Cedar Island Rules & Regulations

CHECK-IN: 3:00pm


  • Check-out time on the day of your departure is 11 AM.  If you wish to stay and enjoy the facilities after 11 AM, you may register at the office for an extended check-out for $10 per hour.  Room guests staying after 1 PM or campsite guests staying after 2PM on their checkout day will be charged for an additional night.


  • Speed limit within the park is 5 mph. For the safety of all and to keep dust at a minimum this rule is strictly enforced.
  • All RV’s must be 15 years or newer, RVIA certified, and are subject to management approval at their sole discretion.
  • One habitable and up to two inhabitable vehicles are allowed per site. All vehicles be parked completely within the site.
  • Uninhabitable trailers (e.g. boat or utility trailers) are not permitted in sites and must be parked in an area designated by management at a cost of $5 per night per vehicle.
  • Extra vehicles may be allowed on a space available basis at an additional fee of $5.00 per vehicle per night. All vehicles must be registered at the Front Desk upon arrival.
  • Working on vehicles in prohibited.
  • Vehicle washing is not allowed.
  • Anyone operating a motor vehicle must have a valid driver’s license.


  • Base rate includes 4 people (2 adults, 2 children). Additional occupants and day use visitors are $7.00 per person, per night for non-holidays and $9.00 per person, per night for holiday or special event.
  • Maximum 6 guests per RV site. Suite maximum occupancies vary by style and will incur fees for additional nightly guests.
  • Children under 6 years of age are not subject to additional occupant fee or included in the maximum guest per site count.
  • Campsites are assigned by park staff. Please do not change sites without approval from the Front Desk.  Site specific reservations may be available for an additional fee.


  • Non-aggressive pets are welcome in the campground and must be registered at the Front Desk upon arrival.
  • Pets must be kept on a maximum 6-foot leash at all times and under the control of their owner.
  • Pets may not be left outside unattended.
  • Guests are responsible to “clean up” after their pet. All pet dropping must be properly disposed of in a trash receptacle or collection area.
  • Guests should carry proof of pet’s current vaccinations.
  • Pets are prohibited in park buildings, including restroom and playground.
  • Noisy, vicious, or unruly pets are not allowed. Guests who are unable to control their pets must remove them from the premises, or the animal may be taken by local animal control authorities.
  • The park is not responsible for and will hold accountable pet owner for any injury or damage caused by pet(s). In addition, the owner of the pet that causes injury or damage to others is expected to resolve the issue directly with the injured party.
  • Pets are allowed in specific suite and motel room rentals.  Pets must be declared at the time of arrival.  A pet fee of $15 per night or $45 per stay will apply.  Maximum of 2 pets per accommodation.  Guest discovered to have pets on non-pet accommodations will be charged a minimum $250 pet cleaning fee.


  • Management is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles.
  • Keep your valuables and bikes locked up.


  • Please keep your campsite tidy and litter-free.
  • Quiet hours are 11pm to 8am.
  • Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior and compliance with park rules.
  • Please be courteous to other guests around you and do not walk through other campsites.
  • Loud, objectionable noise is not allowed at any time.
  • Profanity, violence, or inconsideration towards other guests and/or park personnel will not be tolerated.


  • Please report any issues with your site to the Front Desk.
  • Sewer: All sewer connections must have an airtight seal as required by State & Federal law.
  • Electric: Plug your RV power cord in firmly with no space between the plug and the chosen receptacle.  Turn on the appropriate power breaker after plug has been inserted.  When departing, turn power breaker off before disconnecting your plug from the receptacle.
  • Water: We recommend the use of a water pressure regulator.  There is no water at the sites from mid-October to mid-April.
  • Refuse: Please bring all trash to one of the dumpsters located beside the barn area or between the motel and suites.  Make sure no additional debris is left in the fire pit.  Please do not leave any refuse out overnight or in any open container to avoid wildlife interaction.
  • Fire Pits: Never leave a campfire unattended and fully extinguish campfires when you are done enjoying them. Please do not move fire rings.
  • If you move a picnic table, please return it to its original location.
  • Please do not use portable grills on the picnic table without protecting the table from heat and food splatter.
  • Flags: Current nations, states, provenances, sports teams, military, and college affiliations are permitted. No other flags are permitted including political party, confederate flags, or flags containing profanity.


  • Please do not cut, trim, or otherwise disturb the natural vegetation in and around the park.


Horseback Riding Rules

Ways to Book

How do I reserve a horseback ride on the beach?

All reservations must be made in person or by phone at 252-650-8050. We offer 4 to 5 rides a day 6 days a week by appointment only. Ride times vary throughout the season.  We don’t ride Mondays as it is a day of rest for the horses. We typically take rides in the mornings and evenings because those are the coolest parts of the day.

Riders with any physical, mental, or emotional concerns should let us know prior to booking a ride so the issues can be addressed and accommodations can be made.

Is there a weight limit to ride?

Our weight limit for riders is 240 pounds. This limit is strictly enforced for the safety of our horses. We do have a scale and you will be weighed if the guide is concerned your weight is over the limit. If you book a ride and are over the weight limit, you will not be permitted to ride and will be charged the full amount of your ride.  No Refunds for violation of this rule.

Is there an Age Limit?


  • Children 4 years and younger are not permitted to ride.
  • Children 5-7 must ride tandem with a responsible guardian for the minor for the 60 minute ride.
  • Age 5 years to 9 must ride tandem with a responsible guardian for the minor for the 90 minute ride.
  • Tandem saddles are available for children over 5 years old and up with a parent for an additional fee of $20.00 with a max combined weight limit of 240 pounds.

Can I do a private ride so we can canter or have a special occasion?

If you would like to schedule a private ride or a special event, you can. Private rides are offered year-round by appointment for an additional fee. Call 252-650-8050 for further details.

Can you bring your own horse to ride the beaches?

Yes, we now offer the ability to ride on your own throughout the beaches, crossing large channels of water separating the islands and searching for the wild Spanish horses. Short term outdoor boarding at the barn where your horses can stay overnight is also available. Paddocks are 12×12 and separate from our horses. As a guest staying in the campground, we will make every effort to place you at a site located near your horses, subject to availability. Rates vary for different times of year. Rooms are also available on site for those who want to stay and play. For a detailed explanation of the program please email office.cir@roadville.com.  For reservations, please call 252-650-8050.

Reservation Policies

We hold reservation spots with a credit card and require payment in full. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. We recommend making your reservations several days in advance to secure a spot before it is fully booked. Same-day bookings occasionally may be available, but the earlier you book, the better the availability will be.

Checking In For Your Ride

How do I check in for my ride?

We ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your ride. The Stables are located at 120 Driftwood Drive, Cedar Island, NC 28520. You will enter through the gates of the Cedar Island Ranch RV Park and drive straight to the back of the property where you will see the Big Red Barn. Please park in front of the barn & walk to the left side where you will see a small opening in the fence. We will be saddling your horses in that area. Wait at the opening until your guide comes to greet you. There is a waiver form that all guests must sign before the ride.

What do we need to wear?

We require that you wear closed toed shoes on your ride. You can wear shorts, jeans or whatever you are comfortable in, but keep in mind you may get wet on our 90-minute rides when crossing the water. Sunscreen is strongly recommended & you may want to apply bug spray ahead of time as well. If you plan to stay for the day & rent kayaks or enjoy the beach you may want to bring a change of clothes as well.

Are there restrooms at the barn?

Porta Potty is located at the riding stables.

End of Ride:

Tipping your Guide: If you had a great experience and your guide went the extra mile for you, it is your option to tip them.

What to Expect

Is the ride actually on the beach?

Yes you will travel over 3 miles through the all-natural Cedar Island Beach. On our 90-minute rides you will also cross an approximately 1,000 foot inlet from Cedar Island to Ship Shoal Island twice. The water is typically no deeper than 3 feet, your feet (shoes) & pants can & usually do get wet from the splashing of the horses. Ship Shoal Island is all natural with no development & is only accessible by water crossing.

Know that you may get dirty on the ride. On our 90 minute rides we generally cross over water and you could get wet. A change of shoes or clothes is recommended for your comfort.

Cancellations & Weather Policies

How do cancellations work?


For cancellations made more than 14 Days in advance, a $35 cancellation fee is charged. For cancellations made 14 Days or less before the ride, no refunds provided.

What do we do if it looks like rain?

WEATHER – If we have to cancel your ride due to weather and we have not completed more than 75% of your ride, we will work with you to reschedule your ride. If you are not from the area, we will refund you up to 50% of the cost of the ride. 

ONLY THE GUIDES CAN MAKE THE CALL OF CANCELING THE RIDE.  If you as the guest cancel the ride, you forfeit 100% of the cost of the ride. No refunds.

Please call before your ride if you need a weather update at 252-650-8050. It often does not rain on Cedar Island when it is raining elsewhere due to the large bodies of water on both sides. If it is a mild rain or sprinkling, we will ride. WE DO NOT RIDE IF IT IS THUNDERING OR LIGHTNING.

No Shows:

The rides will leave promptly at the time scheduled.  If you are a no show, you forfeit 100% of the cost of the ride.

Late Shows:

In the event you are late and the ride has already left the Stables, please come to the office and we will work to reschedule your ride for an additional fee of $30.00 per Rider.  If there are no openings available to accommodate you, no refunds will be given. 

Horse Boarding

Bringing you own horse to short term board:

We do allow you to bring your own horse(s) to ride the beaches unaccompanied.  All paperwork including Coggins documentation must be submitted in advance.  In the unlikely event the animal brought to the ranch does not match the Coggins report, No Refunds will be given for the stay.  


Owners are responsible for their animals.  Any and all care for the animals is the owner’s responsibility.  You will be required to sign a release of liability indemnifying Cedar Island Ranch. Please do not allow your horses to come into direct contact with our horses or the wild horses. Water troughs located on Ship Shoal Island are restricted for the wild horse use only – please do not allow personal owned horses to drink from this location.

Rules and Behavior

Guest/Rider Behavior:

If a guest chooses to return early, not cross the water, mistreats an animal, uses foul language or impedes the ride in any way; no refunds shall be provided.  We empower our guides to terminate the ride if a guest is misbehaving with no refund.  Your guide will have final say in all matters.  They are responsible for not only your experience and safety, but the experience and safety of the other guests and the animals.  WE HAVE A ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY FOR ANY MISTREATMENT OF OUR ANIMALS.

Barn Rules:

SAFETY FIRST – Safe, considerate, and courteous behavior of everyone is required. Your safety, the safety of others, and the safety of the horses is our primary goal. If you see actions occurring that are not safe, report it immediately to barn management. UNSAFE BEHAVIOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED & MAY CAUSE YOUR REMOVAL FROM THE RIDE WITH NO REFUND).

All guests are asked to use caution when approaching horses. They are animals and can be unpredictable. Under no circumstances may you or anyone in your party enter a barn stall.

CHILDREN – At all times, children under the age of 18 must be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult. Children cannot be running, screaming, and climbing on gates around the barn.

NO DOGS – No dogs are allowed on stable property unless they’re restrained on a leash. Do not leave a dog unattended anywhere on stable property.

NO SMOKING – Smoking is NOT allowed in any part of the barn, stall areas, tack room, or any other enclosed or under roof area. We ask that you not smoke while on the property, but if you must, keep it to the front parking lot. Please dispose of cigarettes in a trash container when done.

NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUG USE – Use or under the influence of any substances while at the stable is grounds for immediate dismissal without a refund.

NO FEEDING THE HORSES – Do not feed the horses.  Our horses are on a strict diet. Outside food is not permitted.

Notify Us of Any Accidents, Injuries, or Damages – Please inform stable management if anyone or any horse is injured. Please report any damage to stable property or equipment.


Please enjoy your stay at Cedar Island Ranch!  If you have any questions or would like recommendations for things to do and see, please visit us at the Front Desk.

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