Cedar Island Ranch is located at 120 Driftwood Dr, Cedar Island, NC 28520 next to the North Carolina Dept of Transportation Ferry Division.

Cedar Island on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast serves as an entranceway to Cape Lookout National Seashore’s wild horses and stately lighthouse, but it also holds hidden gems of its own: miles of barrier island beaches provide plenty of vacation fun, while there’s even a state-run ferry to Ocracoke Island for extra convenience!

It’s a real treat to travel up the coast aboard the Cedar Island/Ocracoke Ferry.

Over half the area is part of Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge, providing outdoor enthusiasts with an array of outdoor adventures. Kayaking, shelling, and other watersports activities can be enjoyed while beach walkers may discover rare finds along both Pamlico Sound and Core Sound shorelines.

If you’re looking for an escape from more bustling North Carolina vacation spots, you will find it here. But if that isn’t enough activity for you, day and weekend trips are within driving distance!

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Family Fun at Cedar Island Ranch

Cedar Island Ranch 00900

Horseback Riding

We’re famous for splendid 90-minute rides and the excitement of spotting the legendary Wild Colonial Spanish Mustangs (oh, they’re real).

Cedar Island Ranch Nc Crabbing

Crabbing and Clamming

Crab is a verb here. Crabbing, clamming, and casting a net to catch local shrimp provides a day of fun and dinner!

Cedar Island Ranch 00875


Have the camera ready – it’s going to be epic. From beach or boat, the best trophy fishing of your life: speckled trout, flounder, red drum, mackerel, blue fish, and mullet.



Relax while the kids swing, slide and climb in the shade. Or join in the fun.

Cedar Island Ranch 01069


Many happy hours in the sand. Stop by the front office to check-out a ball – and play hard, but play nice.

Cedar Island Ranch Nc Horseshoes


Gesundheit! The horses have donated their old shoes (you should see the size of their closets!). They’ll tell you: it’s the only way to throw a shoe.

Cedar Island Ranch Nc Cornhole


The great Cedar Island outdoors gives the ever-popular target game new excitement.

Cedar Island Ranch 01009


Dogs and iguanas welcome on the beach and in the campground, if they behave themselves.

Cedar Island Ranch 00966

Canoes & Kayaks

There is no better way to get a close glimpse at the fantastic beauty of Cedar Island than cruising through the Bay on a canoe or kayak.

Cedar Island Ranch 00901

Natural Beaches

If you are looking for relaxation, our pristine white sand beaches are calling your name! The waters of the Pamlico Sound are quiet, and sandbars are frequently formed throughout the shoreline, making the waters perfect for sunbathing, walking, or playing with young children.

Modern Camping at Cedar Island Ranch

Cedar Island Ranch Nc Free Wifi


Fast, reliable Wi-Fi, necessary for roughing it. Did we mention it’s free?

Cedar Island Ranch Nc Camp Store

Camp Store

What did you forget? We’ve got all the convenience store fare.

Cedar Island Ranch Nc Showers


Clean up in our modern bath house.

Cedar Island Ranch Nc Fire Rings

Fire Rings

Every pad gets its own fire ring with a nice bench for fire-watching. You’ll find wood at the Camp Store.

Cedar Island Ranch Nc Picnic Tables

Picnic Tables

Have a picnic for every meal. Our tables are kept spotless.

Cedar Island Ranch Nc Dog Park

Dog Park

Fun and freedom in a fenced fortress fit for Fido.

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