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Before going down the wonderful path of the RV life, most people wisely choose to plan and budget carefully. RV owners look at expenses such as financing the RV and maintenance, along with food, fuel, and campground fees. Miscellaneous spending such as souvenirs and entry fees to attractions should also be factored into your plans.

Traveling during off-peak seasons is always preferable.

Live Minimally

To maximize the potential RV living, it’s crucial to understand how much it will cost. This cost depends on your goals; for instance, exploring multiple places by RV over time but staying 30 days at each location could prove more affordable than traveling rapidly through each place.

RVs provide the ideal way to save on rent and bills while enjoying travel without breaking the bank. To further lower costs, live minimally by decluttering your home, going out to restaurants less and buying more groceries.

To further cut expenses you could join an RV community like Fulltime Families or Passport America to access discounts on campground fees and costs.

To save on gas, utilize an RV-safe route planner like FreeRoam or Boondockers Welcome. Doing this can help you locate cheaper fuel prices while visualizing your route. Moreover, plan shorter trips and spend more time at each location – this will also reduce vehicle mileage costs.

Stay in One Place Longer

RV travel can be more cost-effective if you stay put for extended periods, providing savings on fuel costs and campground fees while giving you time to truly experience a new place and feel like a local.

Some RV travelers use apps like GasBuddy or Roadtrippers to locate affordable gas prices, then plan their routes to optimize savings on travel costs. Doing this can significantly decrease their overall expenses.

Cook Simple Meals

An essential element of budget RV travel is having meals that can be quickly prepared, which helps minimize expenses while encouraging healthier eating on the road.

If you’re traveling in a campervan and don’t have much counter space, consider recipes you can prepare with your Instant Pot or other small appliances, like potato curry which will be filling and delicious.

Crockpot meals are another fantastic choice; they’re simple to prepare and can serve as both lunch or snacks throughout the day. Or try something unique like chicken kebabs for something tasty! A tuna salad could also come in handy; use it in sandwiches or as part of a side salad alongside crackers for added variety!

Use Public Transportation in Cities

RVs are a wonderful home on wheels – but not so great for maneuvering in cities. For this, many RVers opt for taking public transportation. While you may want to avoid big cities altogether (after all, RVing is all about enjoying beautiful remote areas), once in a while it’s nice to change it up a bit and discover everything a larger city has to offer.

Taking advantage of public transit is always affordable, and saves on exorbitant parking costs. Buses, trains, and light rail can all get you to major tourist attractions with ease.

Seek Out Free Attractions

RV travel is an amazing way to experience America and create lifelong memories, but it can become costly quickly. By carefully planning, however, it can still be done on a budget!

Before visiting national parks, check their websites for free days or consider signing up for the American the Beautiful Pass at $80 annually to visit all of them. Also, avoid popular holiday weekends and summer months when park fees tend to skyrocket.

Most cities and towns have a variety of museums and many of them are free to the public. Just be sure to check their website, and they tend to only be open on certain days with limited hours.

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