Cedar Island Ranch Primitive Tent Camping

Whether you are a camping novice or a seasoned expert, keep these handing camping tips in mind during your next outdoor adventure.

Use Frisbees for Plates

No more fragile soggy paper plates! Frisbees make excellent base plates under your paper plate to securely hold meals. Not only is their surface easy for little hands to grip and lightweight enough for traveling with, they can even be decorated using paper and tape decorations that make decorating them fun for children at a campsite!

Frisbees may not provide as much spill protection, but they still work. You can also use them as props when cooking and to fan struggling embers in a campfire.

Use Foam Pads as Cushioning in Tents

Sleeping pads are essential components of camping gear, providing cushioned comfort while providing insulation against cold nights. Foam pads are lightweight and puncture-proof; you can find models that fold like accordions for easy transport.

Use Gallon Jugs with Headlamps for Light

Opting for something other than the traditional flashlight can help when moving about a campsite in darkness. A translucent gallon plastic milk or water jug paired with your headlamp can provide ample light. This can make moving around easier!

Pro tip: Rolling your clothes will save space in your bag while protecting clean garments from becoming dirty. Keep bugs at bay with various techniques like burning sage or stuffing toilet paper rolls with dryer lint.

Pick the Best Spot for Stargazing

Securing an ideal spot for stargazing is integral to creating an amazing camping experience. Look for areas with low levels of light pollution and open and peaceful settings where it will be easier for you to see the stars clearly.

Many parts of the United States boast beautiful dark skies, including Death Valley National Park in California and Nevada. Death Valley National Park is one of the premier spots for stargazing with an International Dark Sky Association Gold Tier award.

Cherry Springs State Park in north-central Pennsylvania, known as a designated Dark Sky Park, features public observing areas as well as overnight astronomy pads to offer overnight observations of the night sky after a full day of outdoor adventure. It is the ideal destination to unwind afterward with breathtaking nighttime astronomy views!

Take Hard Cheeses and Spices for Baking

Consider prepping some simple camping recipes before leaving home to ensure a successful camping trip, including spices! Hard cheese keep better in an ice cooler, and bringing your favorite spices will make any meal taste gourmet.

Hobo stew is an easy camping meal option because it’s hearty, delicious and quick to prepare. Simply combine vegetables cut into bite-size pieces with optional ground meat (if applicable) and some whiskey for flavoring – enjoy!

Bring a First Aid Kit with Duct Tape

Duct tape should be an indispensable item on every camping trip. It comes in handy when things go awry and can even save your trip from disaster!

These adhesive tapes can be used to repair leaky water bottles, create tarp grommets and add guylines to tents, as well as creating food storage containers and kitchen utensils.

Duct tape can help secure a tablecloth and prevent it from blowing off of a picnic table, and can also be used to create baby wipes that can remove sweat, sunscreen, or bug spray from skin surfaces.

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