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If you’re already a regular camper, then a glamping trip will take your outdoor adventures to a whole new level. And if traditional camping isn’t really your thing, glamping might just make you a believer!

But let’s first understand what glamping is all about. While the term “glamping” gained popularity in the early 2000s, the concept itself is not new. Historical glamping can be traced back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Wealthy Europeans venturing to places like India and Africa during the late 19th century embarked on luxurious safaris, complete with canvas tents adorned with lavish fabrics, furnished with beds, tables, chairs, and sometimes even chandeliers.

Contrary to popular belief, glamping is not exclusive to the wealthy. The best part about glamping is that it can be tailored to suit anyone’s preferences and budget. You can transform any campsite into a glampsite, making the experience completely personalized and scalable.

While glamping can be enjoyed year-round, winter is an exceptionally magical time to embark on this form of camping. Picture yourself reclining on a soft, fluffy bed, warm and cozy while snowflakes gently fall outside your RV or cabin window. On those cold and wet winter days, there’s something truly special about exploring frost-kissed hiking trails during the day and then cozying up at camp.

Ways to Go Glamping in the Winter

When you choose winter glamping, you can escape the crowds of warm-weather campers who flock to campsites during spring, summer, and fall. Picture this: you spend your day hiking and immersing yourself in nature, surrounded by the crisp winter air. As the sun sets, instead of retreating to a cold and uncomfortable tent, you return to a warm and cozy bed. Sounds inviting, doesn’t it?

Good Lighting is Key

Creating the perfect glamping atmosphere is all about lighting. While most campsites offer fire pits, it’s a good idea to bring along some additional mood lighting. Candles, especially LED ones, can add a touch of elegance without the need for an open flame. Lanterns or stringed lights also work wonders, casting a subtle glow over your abode as night falls.

Bring Cozy Items

Unlike regular camping, glamping lets you bring along all the cozy items you love without worrying about dirt or discomfort. Make your winter getaway extra comfortable with fuzzy socks, heated blankets, and plush throw pillows. These simple additions will instantly create a warm and inviting ambiance, allowing you to relax and unwind in absolute bliss.

Plan Fun and Relaxing Activities

Vacations present an opportunity to engage in activities that are often neglected due to time constraints at home. Whether you are accompanied by loved ones or embarking on a solo winter glamping expedition, it’s worth considering new and exciting endeavors. Think of indulging in board games and charades, singing by the fire pit, or finally delving into that long-awaited novel.

Indulge in Some “Extras”

Glamping offers a chance for gratification. Ponder over the amenities, features, or activities that would make you feel pampered. Perhaps your accommodation boasts a full kitchen and a porch, or better yet, is set up with bath towels and all kitchen wares. With free Wi-Fi thrown in for good measure.

The cabins at Ridge Rider have all of that and more!

Consider bringing a compact Bluetooth speaker to elevate the experience with relaxing, romantic, or favorite tunes from your phone. It’s perfectly acceptable to embrace technology for fun on this trip! Prioritize building a playlist, using an app like Spotify, to ensure your musical backdrop hits all the right notes.

The Glamper’s Guide to Eating Well

Let’s not overlook the fact that food gives us yet another reason to embrace glamping – the cooking is hassle-free and more delightful compared to regular camping trips. Picture your typical camping meals as a starting point, and then imagine taking your winter glamping meals to another level with the added luxury.

If you intend to prepare some meals during the trip, ensure you have a top-notch cooler and a small collection of flavorful spices. Spices effortlessly enhance a dish and add that extra touch. Begin with essentials like salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, and maybe a favored seasoning blend like Cajun or Tajin.

To make things easier and avoid unnecessary stress (because luxury and comfort do not mix with stress), plan for simple meals prepared with quality ingredients. Use a cast iron skillet to sauté your meat or fish with a sprinkle of salt, pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil. Roast or sauté fresh vegetables as a flavorful side and treat yourself to a delectable loaf of homemade bread for a satisfying meal.

Let’s not forget about beverages. If you fancy wine, choose a bottle you truly adore and sip on it while cooking. Don’t skimp on a piping hot cup of coffee brewed first thing in the morning and maybe even after meals. If you prefer hot cocoa, ditch the instant packets and opt for a premium version. Or perhaps indulge in a steaming cup of spiced cider or high-quality tea to fully embrace that blissful state of mind.

Forget about flimsy paper plates and instead serve each meal with real mugs and plates to elevate your glamping experience to the perfect level.

Winter glamping is an adventure like no other, blending the beauty of nature with the comforts of home. So, pack your bags, prepare for an unforgettable experience, and let winter glamping redefine your love for the great outdoors!

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