Camping provides your grandchildren with memories that will endure, and may inspire them to one day bring their own children along for the experience. Make a schedule for your camp that includes activities, games, outings and meals; remembering that things may take longer than anticipated.

As an aside, avoiding electronics during camping trips can provide children with memories they will long remember.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts get everyone up and moving in a competitive spirit while creating memorable laughs that build memories and strengthen bonds between participants.

Add an interactive twist to this fun game by setting up a contest with an intriguing theme. For example, “Pictures of your favorite coffee mug.” This will provide an interesting peek into each person’s personality while connecting people through shared interests.

Be sure to present the winning team with an appropriate prize – this doesn’t need to be costly; some fun ideas include food, small gift cards or handmade crafts make ideal prizes.


Geocaching has rapidly grown in popularity as an outdoor interactive hobby over the last few years, becoming an immensely popular pastime. Combining elements from scavenger hunting, puzzle solving and hiking into one activity. Caches range in size from small boxes camouflaged with their surroundings all the way up to more elaborate containers with logbooks for signing and trinkets to trade.


Stargazing can be a truly relaxing activity on any camping trip, providing children an invaluable chance to learn about constellations and stars. Plus, special events such as meteor showers or lunar eclipses make stargazing even more fascinating!

If you plan to stargaze, make sure you bring along a blanket so you can lay down and gaze upon the stars comfortably. A blanket may come in particularly handy on cooler evenings; additionally, consider bringing along some reclining lawn chairs just in case laying flat is not your cup of tea.

S’mores Making Contest

There’s nothing quite as satisfying or fun for kids than an old-fashioned s’more, but why not spice things up a bit by trying some unique twists on this campfire classic? A Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or Keebler Fudge Stripes make great additions, while York Peppermint Patties provide both sweet and minty sensations!

Swimming, Crafts, and Campfires – Oh My!

Bring the children to a lake or river for a refreshing swim – something they may even look forward to on future camping trips!

Encourage them to collect colorful leaves during hikes and around the campsite, then set out some plain white paper with crayons for them to use to create leaf art – this activity can bring everyone together for some family fun!

As an engaging DIY activity, consider getting paint-by-number sets that correspond with your camping trip location and having everyone create their own souvenir t-shirt based on it. When finished, these can be displayed proudly on a family travel wall at home.

Help them build a campfire – an essential camping experience that’s often taken for granted as an enjoyable family activity – to provide them with exercise and teach survival skills.

Bike Riding

Bike riding can be an engaging activity that keeps kids and grandparents occupied on a camping trip, while providing some much-needed exercise at the same time. Bring a bike trailer with all of your gear or choose one designed specifically for kids; just be sure that all family members wear helmets – as bike accidents can be serious!

Make a bike ride an adventure by creating a scavenger hunt! Teaching young children their first ride may require patience and persistence, but will become something they treasure throughout their lives.

Trail Walking

Hiking can provide children with exercise while stimulating both their minds and bodies. Hiking can also provide the chance to share wisdom about nature while teaching children things they may have never known before.

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