North County Trail System

North Country Trail System

The North Country National Scenic Trail is the longest in the National Trails System, stretching 4,600 miles

Cadillac Pathway

Cadillac Pathway

The Cadillac Pathway consists of just over 11 miles of loop trail networks, with easy to more difficult segments.

Keith Mckellop Walkway

Keith McKellop Walkway

The Keith McKellop Walkway is a 1-mile walkway along the eastern shoreline of Lake Cadillac. Watch the sunset over Lake Cadillac.

White Pine Rail Trail

White Pine Rail Trail

The White Pine Rail Trail is the longest rail-to-trail linear state park, spanning 92 miles connecting Grand Rapids to Cadillac.

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Clam River Greenway

Clam River Greenway

This trail is a 1.6 mile paved greenway, featuring a wooden boardwalk, the sound garden, sun dial, kindermusic flowers, and bridges that open the Clam River to allow for great fishing and toad catching.

Mitchel State Park

Mitchell State Park

Don’t miss this wonderful 3.5 mile nature trail surrounding a 235-acre preserve.

Carl T Johnson

Carl T. Johnson Hunting & Fishing Center

The Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center, at the popular Mitchell State Park in Cadillac, offers a range of programs for all ages.

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