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Kids love a good scare but don’t want to stay awake all night with terrifying campfire stories. For maximum suspense with a bit of humor for good measure, choose stories with suspenseful plot lines that end in a fun way.

Example: The Hairy Toe can be scary and gross at first, until children laugh uncontrollably at the final moments. More on that later!

Dem Bones

Dem Bones is a thrilling horror tale for children that will keep them on edge throughout. Featuring a fast plot and surprising ending, it also comes equipped with an important message about monsters under beds being only imagined!

Dem Bones has long been a beloved nursery rhyme and skeleton song, originally composed as a spiritual hymn about Ezekiel’s vision of a valley full of dry bones. The book includes colorful torn paper collages as well as interesting bone facts.

Cow’s Head

Cow’s Head is a terrifying tale about a girl sent away to live alone in the woods, who eventually comes face-to-face with a terrifying spirit.

The tale’s roots remain unknown, although some sources speculate it is an urban legend from 17th Century Japan about an account so terrifying that anyone hearing or reading it dies from shock or goes insane. But don’t worry, it’s not that bad!

Yellow Ribbon

If you have younger kids and are concerned about giving them nightmares, there are numerous ghost stories that successfully blend spooky and humorous elements together, like Yellow Ribbon. This story tells the tale of Jane, who wears a yellow ribbon around her neck and never responds when Johnny asks why.

This tale has an exciting, unforgettable twist ending that will keep children guessing while teaching them the value of honesty. Perfect campfire story!

The Hairy Toe

No matter their mood, this story offers something for every reader – be it scared or amused! With its mysterious creature and fear-inducing travel plans, not to mention an unexpected twist ending that keeps listeners on edge, this tale promises to deliver.

The Hairy Toe is an unsettling campfire tale with an inherent lesson. An old woman discovers an enormous toe in the woods and, depending on which version is read, either consumes it or puts it into a glass jar for safekeeping.

Golden Hand

This chilling tale also serves as a cautionary tale about greed. A man falls prey to its dangers after falling for the golden hand of a woman; however, his attempt at theft proves fruitless as it becomes evident that whatever they wish for must come at some cost.

Integrating fantasy elements can help kids immerse themselves fully in the story, experiencing its thrills and suspense firsthand. Campfire stories enhanced with these elements will become truly engaging experiences for family and friends gathering around the fire pit.

The Hook

This classic urban legend follows a couple parked on Lover’s Lane who encounter a stranger wearing an arm made out of hooks – sure to frighten and amuse children alike (though hopefully not too much!). The tale promises both entertainment and a tiny amount of fear.

Camping with family can be one of the best ways to bond, enjoying nature while being free from electronics and reconnecting with each other. From finding an appropriate campsite for kids and cooking meals and making s’mores together to storytelling around a campfire – camping can provide plenty of opportunity for bonding time while creating lasting memories!

Can you think of a good family spooky tale to tell around the campfire not listed here?

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