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Embarking on an RV trip is an adventure filled with both excitement and spontaneity. However, efficient packing is crucial to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey. When driving your RV, it is inevitable that loose items inside will shift – sometimes erratically. Having a system down for securing these items will save you a lot of headache and potential breakages (i.e. messiness!)

Here are some tried and tested RV packing tips that will keep your vehicle organized and your belongings secure.

Clear all countertops and surfaces before driving the RV

Before hitting the road, it’s imperative to clear all countertops and surfaces. Leaving loose items out can lead to damage during transit. It’s always wise to secure everything in its place before you drive off.

Use refrigerator bars

Refrigerator bars are a lifesaver when it comes to keeping items from tumbling out of your RV fridge. They are adjustable and can firmly hold your food and beverages in place, preventing messy spills and breakages.

Install tension rods in RV cabinets

Tension rods are a simple and effective solution to keep your plates, bowls, and other kitchenware from shifting around. Installing them in your RV cabinets will ensure your items stay put while you’re on the move.

Lock cabinet doors from the outside

To prevent your cabinet doors from swinging open and spilling their contents, consider locking them from the outside. You can use childproof locks or simple bungee cords for this purpose.

Put loose items in bins on the floor

Loose items can easily slide around and get damaged in transit. To keep them safe, place them in plastic bins on the floor. This will also help in keeping your RV tidy and organized.

Use plastic picture frames

If you want to make your RV feel like home with pictures, opt for plastic frames. They are lightweight and won’t shatter like glass ones if they fall off the wall.

Follow the same pre-departure RV check every time

Finally, developing a consistent pre-departure routine can save you from potential headaches on the road. This should include checking your tire pressures, ensuring all doors and windows are closed and locked, and verifying that all loose items are secure.

By adhering to these practical RV packing tips, you can focus on enjoying your journey, knowing that everything is in its place and secure. Safe travels!

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