How to Survive a Family RV Trip

The key to not going insane during a family RV trip is to plan ahead and be prepared. Make sure that everyone in the family knows the rules and expectations before hitting the road. Talk about what activities everyone wants and decide on a budget ahead of time so that everyone is on the same…

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Guide to Planning the Perfect RV Adventure

Americans have the distinct advantage of having a huge country to explore. With that comes an endless array of amazing destinations and road trip options to choose from. Trying to fit everything on your list can seem overwhelming. How do you choose where to go next? We’re here to help. Here is a 5-step method…

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Best Things to Do Near Monticello

When you want to leave the comfy confines of Lost Acres and do a bit of exploring, the Monticello area has much to offer. A vibrant community in itself, Monticello is a bustling town full of events and attractions. The peacefulness of the surrounding Lake Freeman and Lake Shafer give Monticello sort of a dual…

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The Best Fishing in Monticello, Indiana

When you stay with us at Lost Acres, you don’t have far to go for spectacular fishing options. Here are several of our favorite spots. So grab your favorite fly fishing rod, reel some tasty bait, and let’s get fishing. Lake Shafer Close by on Lake Shafter is a reservoir located just 2.5 miles from…

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