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Ladies! Do not fear the prospect of going solo on a camping trip, or any other type of trip. It can be a liberating, exhilarating experience. As long as you make good preparations and have a good attitude about it. Female solo travel has been on the rise for years and can be a one-of-a-kind experience.

Everyone needs time alone, and research has shown that women are more apt to take a trip by themselves than men. Some of us simply need a healthy break from a life dominated by responsibility. And often times, we don’t have a partner who wants to travel the same way or on the same schedule.

But whatever your reason, a solo trip allows you to cater exclusively to your own interests, with the freedom to go where you please, on your terms. In that light, there are some tips that everyone should follow, whether on a solo camping trip or other type of solo vacation.


Ease the Fears of Your Loved Ones

When you tell friends and family you are striking out on your own on a trip, it’s not uncommon to experience pushback. “Won’t you be lonely/afraid/in danger?” While taking a solo journey may seem a little strange at first, if it is something you really want to do, go for it. Explain to your loved ones your desire to go solo.

Show them that it means something to you. And assure them that you will take every precaution to protect yourself and be safe. Just because you are traveling alone does not make you any more vulnerable than anyone else, as long as you conduct yourself appropriately. This is an excellent article on staying safe while camping.


You are Never Really Alone

With the growing number of people going on solo trips, it’s almost impossible not to run into another solo traveler along the way. If you are outgoing, you are sure to make some friends. If you are more introverted, chances are you won’t feel lonely, but as long as you are friendly and smiling, you can strike up a conversation with most anyone.

Walking tours and part ranger talks are excellent ways to connect with other people. Engage with those who interest you most. Ask where they are from – who knows? You may get along and decide to grab a meal with them later on.


Overcome Your Fear of Eating Alone

This is probably the biggest challenge solo travelers must overcome. To eat alone in public is a scary thing…until it’s not. Surely all of those other couples and families are looking at you and wondering what’s wrong with you. We assure you – they are not thinking that at all. No one is judging you; in fact, they are probably impressed and a little envious you have the courage to do so.

Depending on the restaurant, it may be a communal situation and you will have dining companions in close proximity. This is the perfect venue for making a connection. You can learn a great deal about the local people and history of the place if you keep an open mind and practice small talk. Ask questions. People love to talk about themselves and it’s a great ice breaker.


Go Somewhere New

You may think you want to visit a favorite spot or go back to that resort you visited every summer as a kid. But dare to get out of your comfort zone and try someplace entirely new as a solo traveler. New destinations sharpen our senses and helps to break up mental clutter.

Lastly, planning is key, but don’t go overboard. Have a general idea of what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be going each day. But also leave room for free time and for spontaneous activities. Chances are, a local may recommend something you’d never discover on your own.


Listen to your intuition and enjoy every minute of the experience!

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