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As part of the five Great Lakes of the U.S. and Canada, Lake Erie is huge! It has over 700 miles of coastline and crosses the border with Canada. Needless to say, there are endless amounts of things to do and see along these shores.

But we’ve narrowed down the list for you to those attractions along Lake Erie that are within two hours of Camp HiYo. Make a day trip out of it and be sure to visit some of these wonderful spots along beautiful Lake Erie.

Marblehead Lighthouse

Located in its own State Park, Marblehead is a 65-foot iconic tower that stands as one of the Great Lakes’ oldest continuously operating lighthouses. Bring a picnic lunch and marvel at the structure while you enjoy the park’s lakeside nature preserve. Be sure to pop into the museum – it’s pretty impressive and located in the former Keeper’s house If you forgot your picnic lunch, head over to Marblehead Galley for a nice meal.

Wineries Near Lake Erie

East of Cleveland near Interstate 90 are a handful of wineries for a wonderful day of touring and wine tasting. A few you should check out are Laurentia Vineyard & Winery where you can enjoy estate wines paired with locally inspired food in a rustic and relaxing tasting room. Then head over to Debonne Vineyard, Kosicek Vineyards, and Old Mill Winery, which is known for its chardonnay.


South Bass Island is often referred to as the “Secret Midwest Playground” and home to the tiny town of Put-In-Bay. But don’t let the small size deter you – there’s plenty here to see and do. For starters, check out the Butterfly House, the Antique Car Museum, the Winery, Perry’s Cave, Kimberly’s Carousel, and Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial.

East Sandusky Bay Water Trail

Bring your kayak, rowboat, or canoe (or rent one) and tour the scenic views of this recreational water trail. You will be treated to a unique view of Sandusky Bay along this 15-mile eco-tourist water trail. You will find access points at Big Island Preserve and Community Foundation Preserve at Eagle Point.

Cedar Point

Thrill seekers will not want to miss Cedar Point and if you are one, you no doubt already have this on your radar. Known as the roller coaster capital of the world, Cedar Point boasts 364 acres of pure unadulterated coaster thrills and chills. This is the second-oldest operating amusement park in the U.S. Highlights include the retro Blue Streak coaster and the Magnum XL-200, with speeds of over 70+ per hour.

Liberty Aviation Museum

Just off of Sandusky Bay, this is an easy next stop after visiting Marblehead Lighthouse. Here you will find a fabulous collection of World War II-era planes, as well as other aviation treasures and motor vehicle exhibits.

Maritime Museum

Located within Sandusky is this fascinating museum full of rich maritime history. Focusing primarily on Lake Erie and the surrounding region, you will learn about everything from ice harvesting to Sandusky’s Underground Railroad, and so much more.

Fairport Harbor

This harbor is a cute little spot – Then if you are searching for the perfect seafood dinner, head to Pickle Bill’s Lobster House – the kind of place where you can grab your fair share of delicious lobster. Drizzled with butter and your favorite sides, you will be in heaven.

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