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With Cleveland city center just an hour’s drive away from Camp HiYo, this iconic town makes for a great day trip when you want to leave the comfy confines of your campsite and do some exploring.

Here’s the best of what Cleveland has to offer.

Edgewater Park

No one really expects to find a tiny slice of heaven around Cleveland, but Edgewater Park provides just that. With 9,000 feet of relaxing shoreline, take a stroll down the sands of Edgewater Beach or Perkins Beach overlooking Lake Erie. Or enjoy some water sports such as fishing, boating, or kayaking. A homey beach house offers tasty local brews at this gorgeous waterside location. It’s also a great place to take your furry friend.

Little Italy

This section of Cleveland is the perfect place to go for a weekend jaunt. With over 25 galleries, 20 delicious places to eat, and rich culture throughout, this Little Italy is one of the most beloved in the U.S. It is the home of several events held throughout the year, such as Art Walks, bocce tournaments, and more. It has been the home of Italian families in the Cleveland area for 130 years.

Franklin Castle (a/k/a Tiedemann House)

This is an extremely unique and enchanting castle that holds a ton of history. The Victoria architecture dates back to the 1880s when the owner and banker Hannes Tiedemann met with his share of tragedy. Several close family members; his wife, mother, and teenage daughter would all pass away within the house’s walls – which sparked intense rumors of this Cleveland home being haunted. While tours are not normally allowed, it’s a nice side trip to drive by and gawk at its imposing iron gates and turrets.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

If you’re any sort of music lover at all, you simply cannot visit Cleveland without coming here. First opened in 1995, these hallowed walls have welcomed more than 9 million tourists, ranging from the average visitor to celebrities of every kind. Tour the museum that pays homage to some of the most amazingly talented music artists of the rock genre throughout the decades. Watch films, listen to lectures, panel discussions, and live performances, in addition to a ton of exhibits.

The Greater Cleveland Aquarium

A relatively new attraction that opened in 2012, the 70,000 feet of space has a huge number of exhibits showcasing a wide array of marine life and diverse species of fish. It covers exhibitions of the coral reef, rivers, and lakes across the world, with a discovery zone and so much more. It’s a fun education for the entire family.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Located downtown in the equally famous University Circle, this museum is jam-packed with all sorts of interesting stuff. With over 4 million items on display, peruse objects from the fields of paleontology to botany. Unique exhibits are on view, such as Balto, the beloved Alaskan sled dog, see the first planetarium in Ohio, and even experience what it feels like to be in an earthquake.

Sandusky and Cedar Point

Consistently ranked as one of the best amusement parks in the world, Cedar Point is a destination you’ve no doubt heard of, or even been to. You could definitely spend at least a full day here, but if you’ve already “been there, done that,” or amusement parks ain’t your thing, then Sandusky itself is a great place to spend the day. Many folks bypass this cute lakeside town in favor of the park. Don’t be one of those people.


In Sandusky, you can wine and dine your way around. Try J Bistro Downtown for dinner, Moseley’s Public House with a rooftop bar, and Volstead for craft cocktails.

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